Have you given thought about how some people just have it easy getting what they want, while others toil seemingly with much effort? Let me assure you, you are seeing the end result of a series of actions. Luck? I’ll give you the answer to this famous 4-letter word, later!

If you want to be truly successful in achieving goals, then you need to instill the right habits and attitudes to keep you focused.

Hard work:

Hard work, although subjectively intangible, always pays off. Being industrious means working harder than anyone else, doing more than anyone else and even suffering more than anyone else. You sacrifice time and pleasure for the better future (i.e. delayed gratification). Begin by drawing up and following your schedule. Write down tasks of the day and keep at it. Strangely, some friends of mine say waking up late is a daily fulfillment!

Tap into the right people and resources who can assist you. Form your Dream Team (i.e. a collaboration of people who can help you achieve your goals). In all, don’t forget your independence and bird’s eye view of the goal, as too often we can drown ourselves in our own details. Delegate when necessary.

Discipline and Consistency:

Discipline is what separates the leaders from the followers. If you truly want to make changes in your life, you have to keep on doing things even if you do not want to at times. Deliver outstanding quality and optimum performance each time. Being consistent is intertwined with patience, wherein you continue to plod onwards, regardless of the situations and hindrances, to get the end-results.

Discipline and consistency are also interrelated, in the sense that discipline breeds consistency. If you continue practicing good habits and sticking to the paths that lead to your goals, you will find it easier to do over time. You will change as an entire person and experience the opportunities that come with being dedicated.


The resilient person always prevails and achieves his/her goals. You need to learn from your past mistakes and convert these into mini-successes. You have to fall enough to stand up taller! Think back of your more successful friends or leaders who have faced big difficulties before achieving great success.